How long after the election does a presidential candidate have secret service protection?

Answer In the case of Senator McCain, his secret service protection was gone overnight. He was photographed the next morning driving his Toyota SUV out of a hotel garage with Senator Graham- no protection... Read More »

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In how many presidential elections have we had only one candidate?

Three presidential elections are considered unopposed: George Washington in 1789 and 1792 and James Monroe in 1820. However, even in those three elections, electoral votes were cast for other cand... Read More »

How many signatures are needed to be an independent presidential candidate?

Independent candidates seeking to be on the primary ballot need approximately 112,251 signatures (a percentage of all registered voters) in the Democratic primary and approximately 141,001 in the R... Read More »

How many states did Ross Perot win in the presidential election?

In the 1992 U.S. presidential election, Ross Perot did not win the popular vote in any state. Although he received 19 percent of the popular vote, he failed to get any electoral votes. In the 1996 ... Read More »

How does the East coast and west coast differ electoral votes?

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