How many eggs would we have to drop on vegan cities until they surrender?

Answer Are you yolking? If not, then I could have egg on my face!!In answer to your question - enough to make them scramble.

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How many Americans don't see a doctor until they have health coverage?

Current data available through the Centers for Disease Control confirm that, over the course of a year, uninsured Americans put off seeing their doctor more often than their insured counterparts. S... Read More »

I have a box cake mix that calls for 3 eggs, but I only have 2 eggs. What would happen if I go for it?

Mayo trick?? Don't say you added mayo to the batter?? (baaahhhh). You could try with a tbsp of cognac or brandy (not if kids eat it,I think it won't taste of alcohol and there can't be much in it a... Read More »

An average women ovulates for about 35 years if she gets pregnant once during her lifetime approximately how many eggs will she release in that time 34 eggs 440 eggs 500 eggs 680 eggs?

Well this is a common case that when children reach adolescence they tend to be attracted to there same gender (this doesn't mean that they'll be homosexual or bisexual). It is a normal phase most ... Read More »

If a VEGAN went back to their old eating habits would they be able to digest meat & dairy like they used to?

With having experience in this field, some even complained of cramping, swollen insides and taste being off. If you do, which I don't want you to Mrs. Vegan, but if you must, slowly digest items no... Read More »