How many eggs does a robin lay per year?

Answer Robins can lay up to eight eggs per year in two or three successive clutches. The first clutch has two to three eggs, while subsequent ones have two. Only about 40 percent of clutches successfully ... Read More »

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How many eggs does a robin lay?

The typical robin will lay between three and five eggs in a nest composed of mud, twigs and grass. The eggs are a sky blue or greenish-blue shade, and it takes the female from12 to 14 days to hatch... Read More »

When does a robin lay eggs?

Robins typically nest in April and May and can have two to three broods during this time. The female lays up to four eggs, then incubates them for 12 to 14 days before they hatch.Source:Wild Birds ... Read More »

What color eggs does a robin lay?

The eggs of the American robin (Turdus migratorius) are a light shade of sky blue or a bluish-green combination in terms of color. The robin, a bird that exists throughout almost all of North Ameri... Read More »

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