How many edges does a hexagonal pyramid have?

Answer A hexagonal pyramid, also known as a heptahedron, is made up of 12 edges. The hexagonal pyramid is comprised of a hexagonal base, as well as six lateral triangular ... Read More »

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Does the Solia flat iron have curved edges to curl?

Solia professional flat iron models ST134 and ST114 both have heating plates that wrap around the long edge of the iron, which allows the user to style and curl hair.Source:Solia Beauty: Product In... Read More »

How many people does a quarter sheet cake serve?

A quarter-sized sheet cake measures 9 by 12 inches and feeds about 15 to 20 people. It is the smallest of the sheet cake sizes, which makes it a good choice for smaller gatherings.Source:USABirthda... Read More »

How many edges are in a hexagonal prism?

Eighteen edges connect the eight faces of a hexagonal prism. The six edges of each of the two hexagons on the top and bottom of the prism are parallel to the top and bottom planes. Six vertical edg... Read More »

How many edges are there in a triangular pyramid?

A triangular pyramid has six edges, as it consists of four triangles. The basis of a triangular pyramid is a triangle -- hence the name. A pyramid's classification comes from the shape of its base.... Read More »