How many earthquakes occurred after the eruption of Tambora?

Answer The 1815 volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora in Sumbawa, Indonesia, occurred before the use of modern seismographs and recording equipment, so the number of earthquakes that occurred after the erupt... Read More »

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How many earthquakes happened after the Tambora eruption?

There is no concrete record of the number of earthquakes associated with the 1815 Tambora eruption. Limited communication between countries and the lack of general understanding of how earthquakes ... Read More »

Does Mauna Loa have a quiet eruption or explosive eruption?

The Mauna Loa volcano on the big island of Hawaii has quiet eruptions. Whether a volcano has quiet or explosive eruptions depends on the level of gas in the magma. Explosive eruptions have high lev... Read More »

Where is Tambora located?

A volcano in the Ring of Fire region of the Pacific Ocean, Tambora is on the island of Sumbawa in the southeast Asian nation of Indonesia. The volcano erupted on April 10, 1815, and 10,000 people d... Read More »

Where is Mount Tambora?

Mount Tambora is located in Indonesia, on the northern coast of Sumbawa Island. It is a dormant volcano that last erupted in 1815, resulting in the deaths of about 10,000. At least 35,000 homes wer... Read More »