How many ears of sweet corn are in a bushel?

Answer There are between 70 and 100 ears of sweet corn per bushel. According to a chart produced by Russ Rowlett for the University of North Carolina, a bushel of ear corn is about 70 lbs. Sweet corn weig... Read More »

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How many ears of corn make a bushel?

On average, a bushel of corn can hold approximately 27,000 kernels. Since the average ear of corn has roughly 800 kernels, a bushel could be said to hold about 34 ears' worth of kernels.Source:Food... Read More »

How many pound in a bushel of sweet corn weigh?

70 lbs according to usda weights and measurements

How many 5-gallon buckets are there in a bushel of corn?

A dry bushel of corn kernels is 8 gallons in volume. Therefore, two 5-gallon buckets are more than adequate to hold a bushel of corn. A bushel is sometimes used as a liquid measure as well, in whic... Read More »

How many ears of corn can you eat at one sitting What do you put on your corn?

3 if it is fresh from the garden. :)Butter, salt,.. another salt I like to use is seasoned salt.(((Sharon))) :)Goodness yes! and have grown it also :)