How many ears of corn can you eat at one sitting What do you put on your corn?

Answer 3 if it is fresh from the garden. :)Butter, salt,.. another salt I like to use is seasoned salt.(((Sharon))) :)Goodness yes! and have grown it also :)

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What corn has short stalks&big ears of corn?

The showcase variety is a hybrid yellow corn which possesses short stalks and large, 8-inch corn ears. Sweet corn is the type most often grown for fresh eating or canning. This plant has long growi... Read More »

Components of the Ears of Corn?

Corn is enjoyed in many forms and in its whole form can be boiled, roasted and buttered for a convenient, self-contained snack. According to the University of Purdue, it has been raised and distrib... Read More »

How to Cook Ears of Corn?

Cook corn on the cob the easiest possible way—in your microwave!

How many ears of corn are on a cornstalk?

The number of corn ears on a stalk varies with each variety of corn. However, the average number of ears on a sweet cornstalk is two to four. A hybrid called six-shooter averages six ears to every... Read More »