How many drives can i make i one hard disk?

Answer You're only limited by the letters of the alphabet and the individual sizes of the separate partitions on the single hard drive. Too small in size and it's useless for anything. Typically though,... Read More »

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PC Hard Disk Drives.....?

Most computers have room in side, and connections, for more than one hard drive. I'm not sure about an all-in-one because it's in a small, non-standard cabinet, but I'm guessing there are connecti... Read More »

Can you have 2 hard disk drives?

How to Properly Dispose of Hard Disk Drives?

Data breaches, identity theft and other cyber attacks are at record numbers and will only climb. Protect yourself and properly dispose of personal and public information! When trashing a computer o... Read More »

On my PC under Computer then Hard Disk Drives, what does the Recovery type mean?

the recovery part is the recovery partition of the hard drive that contains a back up of your windows so you can reinstall windows without using discs to do it, you just do it from the recovery par... Read More »