How many drinks does it take you to get drunk?

Answer 2 WKDs lol yea i get drunk easy

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How many beers or drinks does it take for you to be drunk?

How many drinks will get me legally drunk?

Rats, I actually have criminal defense attorney lawyer friends and forensic scientist friends who could figure this out. I think one of them, some lawyer named Bubba (I'm not making this up) had th... Read More »

How many beers does it take for me to get drunk?

Lol you've never drank b4 so it would prolly take about 2 beers to get you a lil dizzy and why so curious if you're not guna try it lol

How many beers does is take to get a 14 year old drunk?

School project, What state do you live in, Give me a break, School project, LOL....