How many drinks do you need for a party of 50 to 60?

Answer When hosting a party, assume that each guest will have one drink per hour. If you hold a party that lasts five hours, estimate that each guest will imbibe five drinks at your party. If you have 50 ... Read More »

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I need a party Playlist for drinks - 18 years old?

I'mhaving a party in a hall with girls and boys but what food, drinks and songs and how many peeps I invit?

Difficult to answer not knowing a budget or your age/music preferences but, id have to second cloe (above) in saying invite as many people as the hall will fit. For larger groups finger foods are o... Read More »

How many pizzas do i need for a party with around 30 teenagers?

I have had this problem before, you may want to go with 10 Large ones, as for me 8 was not enough for a group of around 30.As for the price, above $130 with tips (depends on how generous).

How many bags of chips will we need for this party?

10 2 liters of pop. 15 bags of chips. It will cost about $30.