If you were driving on a road that passes by a golf course and a golf ball smashed your windshield who is responsible?

Answer Answer The person who hit the ball, and perhaps the course if they have not taken adequate precaution to prevent the ball from exiting their facilities onto a public road. Answer I disagree, whe... Read More »

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How to Juggle a Golf Ball on a Golf Club?

Learn to juggle a golf ball like Tiger Woods and you might end up with a supermodel for a wife. Actually, you probably have no chance at the model, but this can get you looking a lot cooler on the ... Read More »

What to do when you get hit in the leg with a golf ball?

Put ice on the hurt area, 10-15 minutes "on", then take off. Repeat a few times an hour.

How to Spin a Golf Ball?

Back spin on a golf ball causes the golf ball to spin backwards as it travels away from the person who hit the ball. Hitting a golf ball with a back spin will allow the golf ball to travel a great ... Read More »

What is the density of a golf ball?

According to a chemistry curriculum taught at University of Nebraska, the density of a golf ball is about 1.15 g/ml. This is between the density of a saturated salt solution at 1.2 g/ml and water, ... Read More »