How many dogs can you have in a condo in Chicago area?

Answer There may be local laws that apply to the number of animals you can keep as pets, depending on your square-footage. However, the real answer to your question is the number of dogs allowed, and by s... Read More »

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Can a unit owner of a condo have a notice of trespass be issued against him in a common area?

Everything depends on the variables involved in the situation. For example: Is the area a common area, or a limited common area reserved for the use of owners, but not all owners?Has the owner been... Read More »

Good restaurant for chicken in the chicago land area or south suburbs of Chicago?

If you want different stay out of chains. I use Fodor to help me make good choices…

Does anyone have any great leads on jobs in the Chicago, IL area? This website will help you find any job in the Chicagoland area.

Are chicago hot dogs made out of all beef or they have some pork in it?

From what I understand the more accurate name would be Chicago "style" hot dog. To be authentic the hot dog must be all beef (including the casing). If you are purchasing hot dogs you would need ... Read More »