Top Ten Dog Breeds of the U.S.?

Answer According to The American Kennel Club's 2009 registration statistics, the top ten dog breeds in the United States include returning contenders, some making their way up the list and a few new addit... Read More »

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How to Research Dog Breeds?

Golden Retrievers are friendly dogs good with children.Are you thinking about a certain dog, but don't know where to start looking? Here are some tips on doing just that!

How many dog breeds are in the world?

Estimates are that there are 400 dog breeds in the world, but that does not include mixed breeds. The American Kennel Club has the right to add a breed if documentation is available to support that... Read More »

List of Fox Breeds?

Twenty-two species of fox exist worldwide and are spread between five genera of the canidae family of mammals that includes wolves, dogs, coyotes and jackals; the fox is related to all four. As can... Read More »

Different Breeds of Corgis?

Only two different breeds of corgis exist, namely "Pembroke" and "Cardigan". Both breeds are more widely referred to as Welsh Corgis, as this is the country of origin of the popular dogs, made famo... Read More »