How many songs do you have on your iPod How many do you consider ridiculous to have?

Answer I have about 2500. I consider 10,000 ridiculous. But my music teacher has 4000 CD's. Like, entire CD's. So that's at least 40,000 songs (if 10 songs per album). Now THAT's ridiculous!!

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I have abdominal tb. I have kissed my boyfriend and have had sex with him many times. have I spread tb to him?

I am not a doctor and this is NOT medical advice=================================I assume:1. he already knows of the condition2. he is already immunizedThe good news I will also assume you know, if... Read More »

How many of you have "Neon " lights under your car what color & how many?

4 on each side & im going to put some more on the license plate =) all are green

I already have 2 tattoos (on my shoulder and bottom of my back) How many is too many for a girl?

It's all personal preference. I've got 4, but i can cover them up easily if needs be, like when visiting a granny or the in-laws. I'm sure if you chose tasteful, personal tattoos and they complimen... Read More »

How many many episodes have there been of supernatural season 5 so far?

episode 10 just aired last week (nov 19) but the next ep will not air until Jan 21. time for the waiting game =(