How many colors were there on the original rainbow flag and what were they?

Answer Unveiled in 1978 to honor the memory of gay activist Harvey Milk, the original rainbow flag featured eight colored stripes. The colors included pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo a... Read More »

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Are there just TOO MANY banks Aren't they everywhere?

Convenience and suburbia seem to drive erecting more locations. Would be interesting to see using S.I.C. numbers versus population what the trend line has been over the past 20 years. Starbucks a... Read More »

How many people abuse there kids when they are on drugs?

If they are 65 residents in a nursing facility how many cna's should there be?

It depends on your state regulations, I know that Idaho is 12 residents for every CNA. Of course where I used to work and most places don't require you to have that many residents, we only had 8 r... Read More »

What do they mean when they say there is blood under the fetus?

Answer This can mean several things. For specific answers you will need to see your doctor who can give you more information and accurate information regarding your situation.