How many digits are in an employer federal identification number?

Answer An EIN or Employee Identification Number is a nine-digit number. The EIN is issued by the Internal Revenue Service to identify the tax accounts of employers and certain other business entities with... Read More »

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How many digits does a federal ID number have?

A federal tax identification number has nine digits. It is similar to a Social Security number, which also has nine digits, except it identifies a business entity rather than an individual for inco... Read More »

What federal tax must an employer pay for a portion of by law?

An employer with an employee has to match the amount of taxes that are withheld from the employee gross wages that are subject to the below taxes.The (OASDI) Old Age Survivor and Disability Insuran... Read More »

How to Find an Employer's Federal EIN?

The federal EIN, or employer identification number, is similar to a person's Social Security number. The Internal Revenue Service uses it to identify business entities for the purposes of tax repor... Read More »

Can an Employer Discriminate Against Smokers Under Federal Law?

People are protected by federal and state laws from workplace discrimination for such characteristics as race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and national origin, but federal law, and laws in... Read More »