How many digital pictures will a Powershot S2-IS digital camera hold?

Answer Powershot S2 Number of Pictures It depends on the quality you have the camera set at. At the Super Fine setting, each photo will be around 2mb. It comes with 16mb of storage, so you can take around... Read More »

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How many pictures can the canon powershot A480 10MP digital camera hold?

it depends on the memory card. I have this particular camera and I don't think it has internal memory. I have an 8gig memory card,and it was full at about 2200 pics. Hope I helped. ~Scorpy

How many pictures can a digital camera hold?

Although your camera manual should give you a rough idea of how many pictures your camera can hold, and there are plenty of websites to help with this if you're shopping for a particular camera, it... Read More »

How many pictures can a 3.0 megapixel digital camera hold?

A 3.0 megapixel digital camera can hold as many pictures as its memory will allow. Refer to the camera's storage capacity to find out how many pictures it can hold. The 3.0 megapixel refers to the ... Read More »

How many pictures does 2gb hold in 8.1 mega pixel digital camera?

The capacity of a card indicates the maximum amount of data that can be stored (less some space for the card's own use). Megapixel (MP) count refers to the maximum resolution of the camera's senso... Read More »