How many digital photos on a 5MP camera will fit onto a 128MB card?

Answer it depends on what setting u have it on what quality photos ur taking and what type of photos ur takingif u have it on its highest setting and takign a picture with lots of things in it i think it ... Read More »

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How many photos does a 128MB card hold on a 12.1 megapixel camera?

I have used a 80 - 200 F3.5 Tamron zoom on my Canon A1 almost exclusively for 35mm with great results. It's not a Canon lens as you specified, but I thought that might help anyway.

How many digital photos on a 5MP camera will fit onto a 512MB card?

Answer That answer is going to depend on the picture quality or compression you select. I suggest searching online for manufacturer's specs on the camera in question. The manufacturer will often... Read More »

How many digital photos can you get with a 4.0 megapixel camera on a 1GB SD card?

A 1 GB SD card can store about 829 4-megapixel digital photos in the JPEG format at maximum quality. If your camera shoots in the higher quality RAW format, a 1 GB card can store about 166 4-megapi... Read More »

How do you retrieve photos from your digital camera card?

Use a card reader with your computer. Or go to Whalgreens and print them out.