How many digital channels can fit in the same bandwidth of one analog channel?

Answer Two to three high-definition digital channels can fit in the same bandwidth space as one analog channel. Ten to 12 standard definition digital channels can fit in the same bandwidth space.Source:Br... Read More »

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Why when using dish network remote control in UHF to change a channel it goes through many channels before it stops Have the receiver favorites set to all channels Remote works fine in IR mode?

Some remotes can be used in IR or UHF mode but not both. What model is the remote, 21.0 or a different model? When a remote is switched to UHF from IR, it needs to be readdressed to the receiver so... Read More »

What channel is the dish network channels?

Dish Network offers service in many areas across the United States, however the channels will vary by your location. To discover what channels you have you may contact your Dish Network for a chann... Read More »

If it was up to you which channels would you get rid of from your cable/satellite channel list?

Cartoon network....the name cartoon should say it's for kids.....but after dark, well let's say it's not suitable for children. I don't like that. If they want adult swim, they need to do it on a... Read More »

I want to add some channels to my dish network package n upgrade a channel from sd to hd?

Give Dish Network a call. While I doubt if you could add just a few channels ala carte, I'm sure that they would be happy to upgrade you to an equipment and programming package that will meet your ... Read More »