How many different oak trees are there?

Answer Oaks are part of the Beech family (Fagaceae), which also includes such trees as the sweet chestnut and American beech. The oaks consist of one genus (Quercus), which is often divided into two subgr... Read More »

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How many different species of elm trees are there?

Between 20 to 40 species of elm trees exist. Examples of elm tree species include the American Elm, Winged Elm and English Elm. An elm tree's leaves are oval-shaped and become narrower at the end ... Read More »

How many different types of vaccines are there?

attenuated chole agent vaccine, inactivated whole-agent vaccine, toxiod vaccine, acellular vanccine, conjugated vaccine, and subunit vaccine

How many different types of pennies are there in the US?

I have 5 different pennies sitting in front of my face so i believe there are 5 different types of pennies in the USA. the answer is there is only one type of penny in the USA.

How many different types of gardens are there?

YES, although you may need to wash it first. great in well it works and is most used as a garnish on a lot of dishes