How many different types of gardens are there?

Answer YES, although you may need to wash it first. great in well it works and is most used as a garnish on a lot of dishes

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How many gardens are in the US?

Well based on studies in the 1980s, there were 25 million in 1971, which grew to 32 million in 1978. If you assume it has grown steadily since then, I would have to assume there are at least 45-50 ... Read More »

Why are weeds bad in gardens?

Weeds suck-up a lot of water. So your plants won't get as much water as they need. In the end they'll dieThe main reasion is that weeds rob the other plants of nutrients that they need to thrive. i... Read More »

Zen Gardens Information?

Zen gardens, also known as Japanese gardens, meditation gardens or contemplation gardens, provide a spot for quiet solitude among the tranquility of nature. This minimalist gardening style features... Read More »

Why don't Americans have gardens?

I know what you mean as I have relatives in the U.K. and the type of gardening and housing IS different. There are some areas of the U.S. where there are some gardens; but for the most part, Americ... Read More »