Types of Doodle Dogs?

Answer Poodles are often bred with other dog breeds to create hybrid dog mixes, which often have "doodle" on the end of their names. Poodles are considered a good breed to mix with other dog breeds becaus... Read More »

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Types of Hunting Dogs?

Dogs make good companions for hunters, and many were bred specifically for this purpose. These dogs have keener senses of smell, tracking abilities and can lead hunters to prey. In addition, they f... Read More »

Different Types of Chihuahua Dogs?

The tiny, spunky chihuahua grew in popularity as purse dogs. While breeders will market teacup or mini chihuahuas, these are not actual types of chihuahuas, which should be under six pounds full gr... Read More »

Types of Antibiotics for Dogs?

Antibiotics are medications intended to eliminate aggressive infections in dogs, humans and other animals. The type of antibiotic chosen is determined by your veterinarian. In most cases vets, like... Read More »

Types of Retriever Dogs?

Several breeds of dogs were bred to aid hunters by retrieving birds either on land or in water. Retrievers are active, energetic dogs that must have regular exercise to be happy and well-adjusted. ... Read More »