How many different species of elm trees are there?

Answer Between 20 to 40 species of elm trees exist. Examples of elm tree species include the American Elm, Winged Elm and English Elm. An elm tree's leaves are oval-shaped and become narrower at the end ... Read More »

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How many different species of flowers are there?

How many different species of earthworms are there on Earth?

More than 7,000 species of earthworms exist, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. The species belong to more than 700 different biological genera. As they tunnel through the gr... Read More »

How many different species of animals are endangered?

There is no one official list of endangered animals worldwide. According to Earth's Endangered Creatures, approximately 10,801 species of animal were listed as endangered worldwide in 2010. The gro... Read More »

How many species of salmon are there?

There are six major types of salmon, and most have two names. They are the Chinook, or king; the silver, or coho; the chum, or dog; the pink, or humpy; the sockeye, or red; and the steelhead.Source... Read More »