How many different social security numbers can there be?

Answer A social security number is nine digits. Therefore, there are 1 billion unique numbers that can be created. However, it's unlikely that the Social Security Department would issue numbers such as "0... Read More »

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How many possible Social Security numbers are there?

Social Security numbers are nine digits long, making a possible one billion number combinations. When you omit the numbers where one block would be made up of all zeroes, you're left with 988,911,0... Read More »

How many numbers are on a Social Security card for a nonresident?

Nonresident Social Security numbers have the same number of digits as the Social Security numbers of residents. The Social Security number has nine digits. However, not all nonresidents qualify for... Read More »

How many people had social security numbers by 2000?

More than 460 million Social Security numbers have been issued since the program began in 1936. In the year 2000, a total of 5,476,000 new Social Security numbers were issued. By 2000, a total of 4... Read More »

Are the numbers on the back of the Social Security card the routing numbers for the Federal Reserve?

Newer cards issued by the Social Security Administration have a red number printed on the back. Rumors state that these numbers signify a routing or account number within the Federal Reserve bankin... Read More »