How many shades of brown are there?

Answer Scientists estimate that there are an infinite number of colors, and an infinite number of shades of brown. By mixing brown with different concentrations of black, white and other colors, you could... Read More »

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Does green capsicum change colour or are there different variaties of plants?

green peppers are unripe red ones, there are however many different coloured peppers ranging from pale green and yellow to orange red dark red purple and black

Different Shades of Color for Hair?

Different shades of color for hair range from jet black to iron grey and snow white. Add to this the popularity of wild hair colors like pink or purple, and hair color becomes even more diverse in... Read More »

Different Shades of Red Hair Color?

Red shades are known to be spicy, rich and can vary greatly in color and tone. Understanding the different color levels will help you decide which shade of red you’re searching for.

What are the different types of Roman shades?

The different types of Roman shades are Classic, Hobbled, Relaxed, and even top-down. Roman shades are very elegant and provide the perfect amount of light and privacy.