How many different rope knots are there?

Answer There are thousands of different types of knots, but they are separated into three primary categories: loop knots (knots with just one rope), bends (rope to rope knots) and hitches(rope to object k... Read More »

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Common Rope Knots?

Several kinds of knots have become commonplace throughout the ages. Sailors, fishermen, rescue teams and mountain climbers have mastered various types of knots, each helping them to perform their d... Read More »

Is it harder to tie knots with thicker rope?

In knot-work, rope thickness does not determine the difficulty of making knots. Rope flexibility determines how easy a rope is to knot. If a rope is too stiff, then it will be difficult to knot, an... Read More »

How to Make Rope Slip Knots?

Slip knots are a good first knot to learn because they are so simple. Although not good for permanently securing something large and heavy, they are perfect for tying down something that you need t... Read More »

Types of Rope Knots Used to Secure a Load?

Rope is one of the simplest and most fundamental tools ever created, yet it remains useful for an almost unlimited number of tasks. Knowing a healthy repertoire of knots for various applications br... Read More »