How many different flags are there in the world?

Answer The CIA's "World Factbook" displays the flags of 252 countries, but a few countries have mutual flags. For example, Wake Island and Navassa Island share the United States flag, and the Cocos Island... Read More »

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How to Enhance Your Understanding of Different Religions?

In modern societies, billions of people are in constant contact with each other. Frequently, you find them from a diverse cultural and geographical background. It is worthwhile to have a basic unde... Read More »

How to Understand World Religions?

So you would like to have a full understanding about world religions. You know that there are hundreds of different religions in the world, each of which are themselves divided into further beliefs... Read More »

Is there a bar in Chicago that carries all the different beers in the world?

Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar 960 W. 31stBridgeport: Nearly 500 Types of BeerUnder the glow of bomber-bottle chandeliers, patrons try not to drown in a selection of 470+ craft beers th... Read More »

How many soldiers did the United States send to different countries during World War I?

The United States mobilized a total of 4,355,000 soldiers to fight in World War I. Two million alone were sent to fight in France. A total of 120,144 soldiers died during the war, over half through... Read More »