How many different kinds of camellias are there?

Answer Camellias are many and varied. there are quite a few species including Camellia sinensis the plant that produces tea. There are also a large number of cultivars that you will find in nurserymens ca... Read More »

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What different kinds of asthma are there?

Asthma 1.Exercise-Induced Asthma: Exercise can make asthma symptoms worse. This is called exercise-induced asthma. Exercise can cause asthma symptoms in up to 80 percent of people with asthma. Tre... Read More »

How many kinds of lobster are there in the u.s.?

According to the website Lobster Help, there are two types of lobster that live in the waters around the United States. The Maine lobster is indigenous to the East coast, and the spiny lobster live... Read More »

How Many Kinds of Table Settings Are There?

Whether a meal is a quaint gathering for two or an assembly of people at a function, there's a proper place setting to complement the serving of food. Place settings can be simple or complicated, b... Read More »

How many kinds of medical insurance are there in the US?

Several types of Medical Insurance are available depending on state and/or federal regulations and how you want to classify them.Fee-for-Service (sometimes called Indemnity Plan). You can use any m... Read More »