How many ben and jerry's ice cream flavors are there?

Answer They list 50 here.…Hman

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How many different flavors of gum are there?

It's difficult to pinpoint the exact number of different gum flavors, but the International Chewing Gum Association states that more than 1,000 varieties of gum are manufactured and sold in the Uni... Read More »

Do different flavors of ice cream affect how long it takes to melt?

While it may seem that some ice cream flavors melt more quickly than others, researchers have found that the speed is more affected by fat content and ice crystal size than flavorings used.Referenc... Read More »

How many flavors of ice cream does Baskin-Robbins have?

Baskin-Robbins features 21 classic flavors of hard ice cream year-round. Additionally, 12 seasonal flavors are available during certain times of the year, and 15 regional flavors are only served in... Read More »

How many flavors of Mrs. Dash are there?

Mrs. Dash offers 15 flavors of seasoning and six marinades, according to the company's website. All of the products are salt-free and contain no MSG. Flavors include Southwest chipotle, fiesta lime... Read More »