How many different iPod touch password combinations are there?

Answer 10000 or 10 to the 4th

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What are all 211 combinations for alchemy ipod touch app?

I have 227 so far (still looking for help! Now its up to 231) Here's what I have: 1up=Mushroom+LifeAcid=Fire+SulfurAcid Rain=Acid+RainAI=Computer+LifeAir=Starter Airplane=Bird+MetalAlcohol=Fire+W... Read More »

Ipod touch forgot password?

Use your ipod charger and plug it in to your laptop and restore it but here are some issuse it delets everything!!!

How to delete a password from Ipod Touch?

Put the device in recovery mode and then connect it. It'll erase everything, though. (Been there, done that)

IPod touch asking for APPLE ID password?

I am not sure how to fix it but here's what i would try..Restarting your computer.Logging out of your Account then restarting your computer then sign in again.Or Logg out and Log back in your accou... Read More »