How many different iPhones can you have on one computer?

Answer Once you have the update you simply hold down an app to edit app and pick it up and drag it over a top of anything until a box or " folder" forms and release

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How many iPhones have been made?

Apple have sold oner 200 million iOS devices, and when you subtract the estimated 25 million iPads from that, that leaves approximately 175 million iPhones and iPod touches as of 2011.

How many total iphones have been sold in the world?

138 million iPhones had been sold in the world, Steve Jobs also said on March 3rd 2011 over 100 million iPhones had been sold and now in 2011/2012 over 38.1 million iPhones 4S has been sold world w... Read More »

How to Have Many Different Passwords for Many Different Websites?

You probably have to subscribe to many different web services and use one or a few passwords for all of them. Well, this is not a good idea, since someone who gets to know your password in one serv... Read More »

How many iPhones 4S have been sold worldwide since that model was launched?