How many different colors make up each pixel in a plasma display?

Answer Red Blue Green

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Direct coding of RGB values with 10 bits per primary color how many possible colors do you have for each pixel?

2^10 = 1024 possible colors per each channel (R for example). Then 2^30 for a pixel. This makes 1024^3 = 1073741824 possible different colors for a pixel.

The colors i see are different in each eye?

Nope it's not bad at all a girl at my school has it! It's just called heterochromia! I can't diagnose you so if you want you could go to an eye doctor! But don't worry at all!

How many colors are there in a pixel?

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How many different colors does Crayola make?

As of 2010, Crayola makes 120 different colors of crayons. According to a census conducted by the company in 2000, Americans prefer shades of blue above all the other colors.References:Crayola: Fun... Read More »