How many deserts are in Egypt?

Answer There are two major deserts in Egypt. The area of the country west of the Nile, known as the Western Desert, is part of the Sahara Desert, also known as the Libyan Desert. The area of Egypt east of... Read More »

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Egypt: Power and water cuts across Egypt spark various protests?

E) C or Carelessness (government not doing anything)

Where are the hot deserts located?

According to Marietta College, the hot, or subtropical deserts, are mostly located at 30 degrees north or south latitude. These locations include the southwestern United States, northern Africa and... Read More »

Are there deserts in Japan?

Japan is actually a group of islands. The climate in most of the country is sub-tropical with four seasons. The Japanese islands have lakes, rivers and beaches. They also have mountains, volcanoes ... Read More »

What does the phrase just deserts mean?

"Just deserts" is a phrase that refers to a deserved punishment or reward; for example, "The new law ensures that criminals receive their just deserts." This sense of "deserts" is antiquated, and t... Read More »