How many deserts are in Arizona?

Answer There are three major deserts that lie partially in Arizona. The Great Basin Desert is on the Colorado Plateau in northern Arizona. Part of the Chihuahuan Desert lies in southeast Arizona. The Sono... Read More »

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How many deserts are in Africa?

As of 2010, Africa has nine land masses classified as deserts--Sahara, Kalahari, Namib, Ogaden, Nubian, Chalbi, Danakil, Karoo, and Didi Galgalu). The largest desert, the Sahara, covers an area of ... Read More »

How many deserts are in Egypt?

There are two major deserts in Egypt. The area of the country west of the Nile, known as the Western Desert, is part of the Sahara Desert, also known as the Libyan Desert. The area of Egypt east of... Read More »

How many deserts are in the world?

Desert terrain covers 35 percent of the earth's surface. There are 25 deserts across the globe. Deserts are traditionally hot during the day and cold at night, and receive little precipitation. Man... Read More »

How many deserts are there in Mexico?

There are three deserts in Mexico. The Chihuahuan Desert lies in New Mexico. parts of Arizona and Texas. This desert extends south into Mexico. The Sonoran Desert is a desert extending into southea... Read More »