How many degrees of latitude are there?

Answer Latitude is measured in degree lines that run parallel to the equator. Both poles are at 90 degrees latitude. The equator is zero degrees latitude. When the equator is added to the 90 degrees in bo... Read More »

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Let me try:D-octopine dehydrogenase (… ) > Chemical reaction (… )> Astronomy ( Read More »

How many total degrees of latitude are there?

There are 180 total degrees of latitude on Earth. Ninety degrees of latitude are north of the equator while another 90 degrees are south of the equator. All lines of latitude run parallel to the eq... Read More »

How many degrees of latitude are there on a globe?

Latitude lines are any line that runs around the Earth at any point. There are 180 full integers of latitude. The equator is 0 degrees and the poles are both 90 degrees. Cartographers further divid... Read More »

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