How many degrees is fever?

Answer 37.4C

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If A child is found to have a fever of forty degrees Celsius how does a high fever affect the tissues in this child?

How dangerous fever of 140 degrees fahrenheit?

If you have this fever (104°F ) every morning for two days, and you have been drinking plenty of fluids, you have an infection, something that needs attention.The doctor needs to draw blood to see... Read More »

Is a fever a defense mechanism for the human body. What will happen if a fever is allowed to run it's course?

According to Homeopathy, a fever IS the body's defense against bacteria or viruses. Some bacteria and viruses can not survive in very warm temperatures so this is the body's way of "cooking" it to... Read More »

My daughter has a rash on her face, fever and a cough. Fever has been off and on for three days. What is this?