How many deck levels are on a battleship?

Answer The number of levels and the layout will vary according to the class of battleship and age. Battleship North Carolina (North Carolina Class) has 15 total decks; five decks and platforms below the m... Read More »

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How many Battleship Hood survivors were there?

Only three crewmen out of more than 1,400 survived the sinking of the HMS Hood. The HMS Hood was an English battleship sunk by the Bismarck, a German battleship, during the Battle of the Denmark St... Read More »

My deck is painted with deck paint ,can i use the same color stain over the latex deck paint?

I think you would be disappointed with the results if you tried to put stain over a latex paint. Basically, stain is made to penetrate into the wood and latex paint forms a seal over the wood.If yo... Read More »

How many levels are in Paintball the game?

In "Paintball" the game, players have to make ramps and strategize in order to get their ball to a red square. Players have to beat 126 levels to win the game.Source:Bass10: Paintball the game

How many levels are on Crash of the Titans on the PSP?

"Crash of the Titans" for the Sony PSP hand-held gaming device features 20 "episodes," which serve as levels in the game. The levels consist primarily of defending against waves of enemies and comp... Read More »