How many deaths have occured in a day care?

Answer It is not possible with water and no other additives.

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How many US military deaths occured in Germany from 1945 - 1951?

Allied military deaths in postwar Germany It's only recently that any interest has been shown in this, and some people are drawing completely inappropriate parallels with Iraq! Guerrilla activity i... Read More »

In US battle deaths what is nontheatre battle deaths?

They are estimated because they have so little soldiers and not as many union soldiers.

What are various disease that occured during summer and rainy season?

Common diseases are cholera caused due to contaminated food and water. Jaundice, typhoid, dengue, malaria, viral diseases.

Hypothetically Speaking, If A Zombie Apocalypse Occured?

SaveRob Zombie Peter SteeleMunchedCourtney Love - She's well versed in being munched.