How many db is a train horn?

Answer As of 2010, U.S. federal regulations limit the maximum volume of a train horn or whistle to 115 decibels (db), with a minimum of 96 db (for safety reasons). At a distance of 500 feet, the volume of... Read More »

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What is the best train horn?

well its all a matter of opinion, most people say the nathan KL5A is the nicest sounding. a nathan M5 sounds pretty good too. my personal favorite horn is the old leslie A-200 honkers that were on ... Read More »

How loud is a train horn?

The loudness of a train horn or whistle varies based on distance, with the decibel (db) level averaging about 90 db at 500 feet from the source. In the U.S., federally mandated loudness levels are ... Read More »

How many decibels is a train horn?

The Federal Railroad Administration has mandated that the maximum allowable volume of train horns be 110 decibels. The FRA also set the minimum decibel level at 96. Railroads were given until 2010 ... Read More »

Train horn nos bottle?

yes, but it would sound funny( sorry, couldnt help myself there )Hooking it up to direct compressed air or even compressed CO2 would be much cheaper.