How many days must school be in session by federal law?

Answer Federal law does not dictate how long the school year must be. Each state determines how many days school is in session. Although 180 days of school a year is the average across the country, some s... Read More »

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How many times must i watch or listen to a hypnosis session before it has a long lasting effect?

How long can you be out of school before you must start paying back federal loans?

Typically, you must begin repaying federal Stafford loans six months from the time you graduate, quit school or drop below your school's definition of half-time enrollment. The repayment of Staffor... Read More »

How many days must a credit decision be communicated from receipt of application?

Apply for credit well in advance to allow yourself time to shop around for a different lender. According to the Federal Trade Commission, a lender must provide a credit decision to the consumer wit... Read More »

BOP proerty that must be moved after a covered cause of loss is covered for how many days?