How many days is Hanukkah?

Answer Hanukkah, or Chanukkah, is a Jewish celebration known as the Festival of Light. The eight-day celebration is not one of the most meaningful or important in the Jewish faith, but its proximity to Ch... Read More »

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For how many days is Hanukkah celebrated?

The celebration of Hanukkah lasts eight days and eight nights. The holiday celebrates the re-dedication of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem after its seizure back from Greek soldiers in 168 B.C. Jews b... Read More »

You had your period two days early and only lasted three days Its now about five days later and you are having one sided cramps you are feeling very tired and have discharge. could i still be pregnant?

Answer Most women don't have an actual period during pregnancy but they can have implantation bleeding around the time there period would be due but it would be much lighter. The only way to know ... Read More »

You started feeling breast tenderness 3 days after unprotected sex on your fertile days The breasts are still hurting since then am 4 days before next periodCould you be pregnant?

Answer Yes.My first symptom of pregnancy was sore breasts. This happened at 8 days after conception (6 days before period was due) and they stayed sore for 4 months. I initially thought I needed... Read More »

What does Hanukkah mean in Hebrew?

"Hanukkah," also spelled "chanukah," means "dedication" in Hebrew. In Judaism, Hanukkah commemorates the Maccabees' defeat of the Syrians in 165 B.C. and the triumphant Jews' purification and re-de... Read More »