How many days does it takes for marihuana to clear up off my urine?

Answer I know people who drink massive amounts of water but that is dangerous (water intoxication death) and passes. There is also a product called Magnum that is guaranteed to work that you can purchase... Read More »

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How many days does it takes to go to Saturn?

The amount of time it takes to get to Saturn varies and depends upon several factors, such as your speed and path through space. Four spacecraft have flown to Saturn. Among these four, the shortest... Read More »

How many days it takes for streamlined student visa for australia?

Approximately 2 weeks if there are no missing documents or problems with the application.

How many times a day am i supposed to wash my face with my own urine to clear my skin?

i like to follow a nice mud pack with a facial

Does clear urine mean a diluted u.a?

Usually it just means you're really hydrated. They can still analyze it, if that's what you mean.