How many days does it takes for marihuana to clear up off my urine?

Answer I know people who drink massive amounts of water but that is dangerous (water intoxication death) and passes. There is also a product called Magnum that is guaranteed to work that you can purchase... Read More »

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How do you grow coriander bought from wet market with its roots intact tried 2 days later plants wilts and dies tried seeds takes 7 days to shoot then dies.?

Long it takes for lortab to enter urine?

What is the chance of pregnancy if you are five days late but a hpt came up negative after 3 days late but you took bladder infection meds that changes your urine colors?

Answer Based on the information given, the bladder infection could be the cause of the delayed period. Also, urine color doesn't matter, but HCG hormones do matter. HCG is only produced when pregn... Read More »

Looking for a camera that takes very clear and sharp pictures for under $300?

For your budget, you will want to look at used digital SLRs. And dSLR in your price range will give you full auto, full manual settings, flash and great photos when used with some user skill.And I... Read More »