How many days does it take to get to the sun for the earth?

Answer 530 million trillion years to get to the sun

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How many days does it take to get pregnant?

In order to become pregnant, a full menstrual cycle needs to occur. The body must complete the follicular phase, where the eggs mature, ovulate, and the fertilized egg implants. The number of days ... Read More »

How Many Days Does Clover Take to Sprout?

Clover is a plant that can fix nitrogen in the soil, act as forage, form a ground cover to prevent erosion and is a natural part of pastureland. Some people sprout clover as a vegetable or edible. ... Read More »

How many days does Priority Mail take?

In most cases, Priority Mail takes two to three days for delivery in the United States through the United States Postal Service (USPS), though the delivery time is not guaranteed and the package ca... Read More »

How many days does Neptune take to orbit?

Neptune orbits the sun once every 164.79 Earth years, approximately 60,190 Earth days. Neptune's rotation on its axis takes 16.11 Earth hours, giving Neptune a far shorter day than Earth despite it... Read More »