How many days does it take for swine flu to be cured in a baby?

Answer Look out the window. If it's someone you know, you answer it. If it isn't loock the doors and keep quiet till they leave.

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If a woman is pregnant and she has the swine flu will the baby inside of her catch the swine flu too?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US have released information for pregnant and breastfeeding women, a link is provided below in the related links section. It is as yet unknown... Read More »

I am 37 weeks 2 days pregnant 80 percent effaced a good 2 cm dilated my doctor says I'll have the baby in less than 10 days but how soon do you think it could be?

Here is my timeline if it helps.I'm 37 weeks 2 days also and my ob said at my last appointment 4 days ago that I'm 80% effaced and dilated to a 'loose 3cm'.At my appointment 7 days before that I wa... Read More »

If you are exposed to H1N1 09 swine flu and then days later get vaccinated will you get the flu?

It is possible that if you are exposed to the swine flu H1N1/09 virus before getting vaccinated for the same flu virus, you could still get the flu. It will not be because you took the vaccine tha... Read More »

If you are a baby can get the swine flu?

Yes. Anybody is suceptible to catching the virus.