How many days does it take for a plant to grow?

Answer It depends on the type of plant, the amount of sun, the amount of water, and all other variables.

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How many days does it take for a potato plant to grow?

The early varieties of potatoes are ready to harvest in 10 weeks. It can take 70 to 90 days for early varieties to mature, 90 to 120 days for mid varieties to mature and 120 to 140 days for late va... Read More »

Could a lima bean grow into a plant in only three days?

It depends on what kind of fertilizer you use and some other stuff. But most likely, no.My son brought home a sprouting lima bean from school. It sat for a couple of days in the baggie his teacher ... Read More »

How do you grow coriander bought from wet market with its roots intact tried 2 days later plants wilts and dies tried seeds takes 7 days to shoot then dies.?

What are the plant friuts and vegetable fruits that grow during summer and grow in cool climate?

First of all you can find this info in seed catalogs. That said, any of the cole family cabbage,kale,brussel sprouts,broccolli,califlower. then lettuce potatoes, some tomatoes(stupice is one) there... Read More »