How many dust mites live in the average person's bed?

Answer On average, there are approximately 10 million dust mites living in a person's bed, according to Dust mites live in warm, moist places, such as inside mattresses and pillows.Referenc... Read More »

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On average how many days does it rain In Melbourne Australia per year (365 days)?

100.3 days - see, not nearly as much as people think!…

If you are 17 and no longer live with your legally appointed guardian can you have the guardianship changed to the person that you now live with?

Answer A 17-year-old has no legal standing to make the change. Only their parents or the court can make the change. The current legal gaurdian would have to petition the court for the change.

How many days does a fly live?

How much weight can a person lose in 30 days?

They call it "the battle of the bulge." When many of us look in the mirror, we see extra pounds we would like to lose. And we want to lose them fast. Weight loss is good, but how much weight can a ... Read More »