How many days does a store have to charge your card?

Answer There is no set amount of time or statue of limitations on when the store can process your credit card information. As long as the store has your signature and you do not dispute the charge, it has... Read More »

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What is a store charge card?

A store charge card is a credit card that can be used only at the store that issued it. A store charge card often offers certain advantages, such as discounts throughout the year and valued custome... Read More »

Can a merchant charge me more if i use a credit or charge card?

On One Hand: Merchant Cannot Charge MoreEvery time a consumer uses a credit card to make a purchase, the credit card companies charge the merchant an "interchange fee." Some merchants want to pass ... Read More »

I rented a book from cheggs using a gift card, how will they charge me for a late fee if no money is on card?

Is it easier to be approved for a charge card than a credit card?

On One Hand: Charge Cards Are More Difficult To GetCharge cards are more difficult to get than credit cards and the approval process is more detailed. An above average credit score is needed to qua... Read More »