How many days does April have?

Answer The month of April consists of 30 days, and it's one of four months of the year with that length. It is the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar year, which is the current calendar used worldwide... Read More »

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How many iPhone 4S did Apple sell in the last three days of April 2012?

How many days does a store have to charge your card?

There is no set amount of time or statue of limitations on when the store can process your credit card information. As long as the store has your signature and you do not dispute the charge, it has... Read More »

How many days does a tenant with an eviction notice have?

It depends upon whether the notice is the first regarding eviction, as well as the tenant's state of residence. For example, in Michigan it usually takes about 30 days total for a landlord to succe... Read More »

If you have this strange feeling in your stomach it has only been 4 or 5 days days since you have had intercourse what does that mean?

Probably nothing. Maybe gas. Maybe a stomach virus. But most likely nothing related to intercourse.