How many days does April have?

Answer The month of April consists of 30 days, and it's one of four months of the year with that length. It is the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar year, which is the current calendar used worldwide... Read More »

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Switzerland in april for 3 days?

First: April is the worst month to come to Switzerland - a mix of rain, snowfall, fog and sun (all in one day) will most probably expect you. Your money would be wasted if you came during this peri... Read More »

How many iPhone 4S did Apple sell in the last three days of April 2012?

My in laws went on vacation to Mexico on April 16, and are planning to return on April 27. With the swine flu?

Check this out:…You can also contact CDC direct with Qs.More global info on the subject:…

You had your period two days early and only lasted three days Its now about five days later and you are having one sided cramps you are feeling very tired and have discharge. could i still be pregnant?

Answer Most women don't have an actual period during pregnancy but they can have implantation bleeding around the time there period would be due but it would be much lighter. The only way to know ... Read More »