How many days do you have to cancel an auto insurance contract?

Answer Answer Many companies will only charge you for the exact number of days that an auto policy is active. Others will charge you a cancellation fee.

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How many days notice does a company have to give to cancel insurance?

The required notification period depends on the reason for cancellation of an insurance policy. When a policy is canceled for nonpayment, typically 10 days plus three mailing days is given. For pol... Read More »

How many days notice does an employer have to give to cancel health insurance?

Most employers, specifically those with more than 20 employees, must follow established COBRA guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Labor and notify employees of pending health plan termin... Read More »

You have an iphone on contract and want to cancel your contract and use it on a pay go plan but sim wont work?

Contact your service provider and they should be able to transfer your Pay and go contract to your sim and cancel your Contract account.

I have been using my iphone 4 32gb since November '10 and would like to cancel the contract after weeks. My contract is until nov. 12.... In this case how much should I pay as a penalty to ATT?

First, go to the mailbox you want to delete emails from. Then click edit on the top right corner of the screen. Next, click the white dot that appears on the left of the email and when it's check-m... Read More »