How many days did the Battle of Antietam last?

Answer The Battle of Antietam occurred between Sept. 16, 1862, and Sept. 18, 1862, in Sharpsburg, Maryland. There were an estimated 23,100 casualties at Antietam, which was a strategic victory for the Uni... Read More »

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How many days does a pregnancy last?

A pregnancy lasts 40 weeks or 280 days. This is not counting from the day of conception; it is counting from the first day of your last period. Most doctors count this as the starting date, because... Read More »

How many days does Las Posadas last?

Las Posadas, which means "the inn" or “lodging” in Spanish, is a nine-day Christmas festival observed from December 16-24 in Mexico. The nine days represent the nine months Jesus spent in Maryâ... Read More »

Around the world in how many days?

How many days does leftover sushi last?

Two weeks.Just remember that after the first week,you're going to have to kill it again..